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Although the roof and siding are the most visible aspects of your home. Your soffits and fascia are critical elements to a healthy roofing system. Simple Roofing is your Indianapolis local expert who specializes in putting our customers and trust first. When it comes to your soffits and fascia this means making sure they are properly functioning and replaced during home restoration.

Knowing the importance of these aspects of your home is the first step towards maximizing the lifespan of your home. These aspects do everything from preventing water and animal intrusion to ensuring proper ventilation and climate in your attic or roofing cavity. To have your soffit or fascia replaced, repaired or inspected please contact us.

Simple Roofing siding services include:

  • Soffits: The soffit is the panel that bridges the gap from the roofline to the wall of your exterior. This panel serves as both aesthetic and functional purposes. Soffits hide exposed rafters, protect your roof from the elements, animal intrusion, and allow for ventilation and airflow in your attic or roofing cavity to maintain proper climate and roof health.
  • Fascia: Fascia puts a finishing touch on the look of your home. Fascia is located along the eaves supporting the bottom row of the roof and your gutter system.

Not sure if your Soffits & Fascia are healthy? Contact us for a free inspection.

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