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If your home is damaged by a storm, it’s essential for you to quickly begin the insurance and repair process. Although you may not think your home has damage, it is critical to have it assessed by Simple Roofing. We will have a trained professional come out and let you know if you have damage that would warrant an insurance claim.

A typical claims process works as follows:

  1. Assess the damage: Sometimes roof damage is as obvious as a fallen tree on your home or a section of missing shingles, telling you right away repairs are necessary. This is not always the case, which is why it’s important to call a trained roof inspector like Simple Roofing as soon as possible. This inspection will tell you how much damage you have and whether repairs or replacement are necessary.
  2. Claims adjustment: Insurance companies typically send a claims adjuster to inspect the roof and determine the value of the roof. Because we have on-staff claims adjusters, we can handle this step of the process and provide an initial valuation of the roof and cost estimate for repairs or replacement.
  3. Insurance company approval: Once the claim is submitted to the insurance company, they will provide you with a check to initiate the repair or replacement process. This check is for the amount of the estimate minus the depreciation and deductible. This is important to note because the first check will likely be for less than you were expecting (more on that later).
  4. Roof repairs or replacement: After everything is cleared with the insurance company, we will provide you with complete roof repairs or full roof replacement. Our experts work with a variety of materials and will give you a complete solution.
  5. Completing the process: Once the work is completed, we send a final invoice to the insurance company. The insurer will then release the remainder of the money and give you a second check that covers the remaining cost of the work done to your home.

After a storm, in many cases, you’ll get a visit from “door-to-door” type roofers offering to inspect your roof. When you choose Simple Roofing instead, you choose peace of mind knowing you’re working with a licensed, insured, and experienced roofing company that can help you through the entire claims and repair process and be there to warranty our work for years to come.

Restore your roof and siding with Simple Roofing

Don’t let storm damage ruin your roof’s integrity. Simple Roofing can provide you with the insurance claims assistance you need, as well as complete roofing, siding, and gutter repair or replacement. Call us today at 317.883.7537 or Contact Us online to get started on your insurance claims process.

Don’t let the insurance company claim negligence! Contact Simple Roofing today.

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