General Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a shingle or gutter color for my home?2020-03-19T02:46:17-04:00

Do not worry, Simple Roofing has your back. Your dedicated Simple Roofing Expert can provide you with physical samples of every shingle color possible!

If you would like a more digital approach you can use our Owens Corning® Shingle Design Studio! There are examples of every shingle color visualized on a house. For an even better experience, you can upload a photo of your home and visualize the different shingle colors directly on your home. Access our shingle design studio.

What should I look for when selecting a contractor?2020-03-19T02:45:27-04:00
  • A contractor rooted in their vision and values that align with your own
  • Preferred by a leading manufacturer
  • Local!
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Reputable

Trust, Simplicity, Excellence, Professionalism, Customer Success

When selecting a contractor it is paramount that you identify a company that resonates with you as an individual. Although it is easy to be swayed by marketing materials, a flashy sales pitch, or a low price, a company that aligns with your values and is committed to servicing your home and your overall wellbeing is a company you want to partner with. If you can align on those values than you place your trust in the fact that your contractor will partner with you to deliver you with the best service, products, installation, price, and professionalism in a transparent way.

To learn more about our vision and values. Take a look at our About or Our Team page. Learn a bit about why selecting Simple Roofing LLC as your contractor is more about a human partnership rather than a service.

Simple Roofing LLC is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

The cost to boot up a roofing or general contracting company is low. Anyone can take their truck, slap a logo on it, and start throwing shotty quality products and installation on people’s homes. Selecting a contractor who is backed by the largest shingle manufacturer in the United States, Owens Corning, ensures that you are getting a top-notch contractor. Owens Corning carefully selects their preferred contractors because their name, reputation, and warranty depend on it!

As a preferred contractor, Simple Roofing LLC can offer extended warranties that other roofers cannot. Additionally, you can be sure that the roof is being installed correctly because we have been vetted by Owens Corning. This is critical because even if you were to pick a lifetime warranty shingle if it is not installed correctly Owens Corning will not warranty the work or materials.


Picking a local contractor is important for a number of reasons:

  1. If for some reason something was to go wrong or your roof was to leak, we will be here to honor our warranty
  2. When storms roll through you will see 15-25 roofing companies you have never heard of who are here chasing a storm. They may have even grabbed a business address and changed their name to sound local. BE CAUTIOUS – they are here to make a quick buck off the storm and leave. When they do, they will not be here to service their poor installation by their traveling crew.
  3. Supporting local businesses is what stimulates the growth of our community. Creating money velocity on a local level will cause all of the community to flourish.
  4. We are your neighbor! We have been here our whole lives and know so many of you. We are someone you can trust.

Licensed. Bonded. Insured.

This one is easy. Small companies who are trying to reduce their overhead and increase their margins will skip paying for these vital policies that protect you as a homeowner. Simple Roofing LLC is licensed with the state, carries a bond should we fail to complete the scope of work that you may collect, and insured to protect you as a homeowner from any unexpected property, or personal harm.


Take a look at some of our reviews, check out all of our locations, browse our website, read about our experienced team. WORK WITH US…you will see the difference is clear!

Do I need an estimate for my insurance claim?2020-03-19T02:58:04-04:00

Once a claim on your roof has been filed and approved, the insurance company is going to write the initial estimate for us. (Insurance Process) The insurance company will assign an adjuster to your claim who will decide the full scope of work and produce an itemized loss sheet with fair market pricing for the work to be completed by Simple Roofing LLC. If we were to provide an estimate we would be guessing at the scope of work. It is worth noting that the insurance estimate is not final. Simple Roofing LLC will work to supplement their claim for any items that may be missing or you may be owed as a homeowner.

Your contract with us, under the price, will say “work to be completed per insurance agreement”.

Another contractor said they’d waive my deductible, will you?2020-03-19T03:08:10-04:00

If we could, we would! Unfortunately, waiving a deductible is insurance fraud. There are many companies who will still offer this or tell you it’s safe because they treat it as a marketing incentive for staking a sign in your yard…this is still fraud. We understand the allure but be aware if the insurance company were to discover this, it is not just the contractor who is on the hook, it is also you as the homeowner.

Another contractor can do the job for less than the insurance company is paying, can I pocket the difference?2020-03-19T03:15:56-04:00

Sadly, like waiving a deductible this is insurance fraud. A homeowner cannot financially benefit from their claim in any way. In this instance, you would be defrauding the insurance company in terms of what it costs to do the repair.

Once may claim is filed and I am assigned an Adjuster will you meet with them?2020-03-19T03:21:40-04:00

The insurance adjuster will come to your home to assess the damage determine if there is enough damage to warrant a replacement or repair of your roof, gutters, siding, screens, and other exterior items. Your Dedicated Simple Roofing Expert has trained on insurance claims and will walk the property with your insurance adjuster to help them identify damage to ensure your home has the best possibility to a valid claim.

Will filing a claim cause my rates to go up?2020-03-19T03:26:18-04:00

Chances are if you are filing a claim your neighbors already have or are currently in the process of doing so. For claims of this type, the rates are determined by zip code via an actuarial calculation of risk. Essentially if a neighborhood is hit with storm damage and your neighbors’ file a claim, your premiums will go up the following year but the increase should be small. Based on this, if your neighbors are filing claims we would strongly encourage you to do the same.

Free Instant Estimate Frequently Asked Questions

What would cause my Free Instant Estimate price to change?2020-03-19T02:47:04-04:00

Thanks to state of the art satellite imaging and well-defined packages your price from Simple Roofing’s Free Instant Estimate should rarely change. Some of the factors that could cause your estimate price to change during the final inspection would be:

  • Change in the scope defined by the Homeowner
  • Change in the materials definer by the Homeowner
  • Significant decking issues requiring replacement
  • Deteriorating chimney
  • Unforeseen damage to the roof impacting the structural integrity
  • Multiple layers installed on the roof

Our goal is to provide Homeowners with an accurate and competitive price without dealing with the traditional runaround. We will do our best to honor the price provided online so that Homeowners have access to superior products, installation, and warranties at an industry best price.

What all is included in Simple Roofing’s Silver, Gold, and Platinum roofing packages?2020-03-19T02:46:54-04:00

Simple Roofing has put together three extraordinary roofing systems that will protect your home for years to come. We have backed those roofing systems with a warranty that can only be offered by certified contractors and is normally a paid upgrade that we are giving for free. We do this to show our confidence in our materials, installers, and to instill peace-of-mind in our customers.

Once I complete Simple Roofing’s Free Instant Estimate form what can I expect?2020-03-19T02:46:48-04:00

The moment you click submit Simple Roofing’s team instantly springs into action to gather necessary imaging and pricing on your home. Once we have gathered all of the necessary information the process should go as follows:

  • Your dedicated Simple Roofing Expert will send an email containing pricing and contract information to the provided email address within (2) hours of form completion barring unforeseen circumstances.
  • Your dedicated Simple Roofing Expert will send a text message to the phone number provided to inform you that your estimate is ready and has been delivered via email.
  • You are welcome to respond to your dedicated Simple Roofing Expert at any point, but they will follow up the next day via phone call to cover any questions or concerns you may have.
  • We do NOT want to spam or annoy our customers, so we will not continue to call, text or email on a daily basis. You are free to stop communication at any time.
What happens with the personal information I provided Simple Roofing?2020-03-19T02:46:42-04:00

Data privacy has never been more important! Because of this, Simple Roofing has made a choice to store no information provided in our Free Instant Estimate tool in any Simple Roofing owned databases. Click to learn more about our Privacy Policy.

How do you generate accurate estimates without coming to my house?2020-03-19T02:46:35-04:00

Simple Roofing leverages state-of-the-art satellite imagery, cutting edge technology, and well-defined roofing system option to provide our customers with fast and accurate estimates. We do still come to your house for a final inspection before work begins or the price is locked. Assuming you have selected Simple Roofing as your contractor.

What does it mean if I sign Simple Roofing’s contract sent with the Free Instant Estimate?2020-03-19T02:46:28-04:00

You are not obligated to Simple Roofing until we both sign off on the contract. By signing the initial contract you indicate to Simple Roofing that you are electing Simple Roofing as your contractor. We would then come to the property to perform a final inspection. If the price were to change we would do a new contract and signature. If the price did not change a Simple Roofing Expert would sign-off on the contract formally making it an executable contract. You as a homeowner still have the option to cancel or back out of the contract without penalty within 3 days of signing.

Can I do additional work, change material or options outside of Simple Roofing’s defined packages?2020-03-19T02:46:23-04:00

Of course!! The estimate provided is based on our roofing system options. If you elect to go with Simple Roofing we can always add or subtract scope and adjust the price accordingly. You will have a dedicated Simple Roofing Expert to assist you with that process.

How do I select a shingle or gutter color for my home?2020-03-19T02:46:17-04:00

Do not worry, Simple Roofing has your back. Your dedicated Simple Roofing Expert can provide you with physical samples of every shingle color possible!

If you would like a more digital approach you can use our Owens Corning® Shingle Design Studio! There are examples of every shingle color visualized on a house. For an even better experience, you can upload a photo of your home and visualize the different shingle colors directly on your home. Access our shingle design studio.

Does anyone from Simple Roofing ever come to my home?2020-03-19T02:46:06-04:00

Your dedicated Simple Roofing Expert would visit your home for a final inspection to confirm the price and start date should you elect to use Simple Roofing. However, your Roofing Expert is always available to come to your home if needed or requested as well.

Will I be automatically subscribed to automated communications as part of the Free Instant Estimate?2020-03-19T02:45:53-04:00

Simple Roofing will contact you to deliver your estimate, contract, and followup on your request. You will not be subscribed to any automated communications or spammed by our Roofing Experts. You are free to STOP communication with your Roofing Expert or Simple Roofing at any time. To stop these communications:

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