Our Customers Are What Makes Us Successful

Providing our customers with the best product and services to drive 100% satisfaction is critical to our business. Ensuring that each and every service or interaction is delivered with complete Trust is our mission. However, Simple Roofing is only successful because of our incredible customer base. All of our success we owe to you, and in an attempt to continue to build a community of amazing customers we are starting a referral program.

Simple Roofing – Referral Program

If you refer a customer to Simple Roofing and they enter an agreement with us to provide them with a service that exceeds a total contract value greater than $3,500, we will give you $150 in cash!!

That’s not all…

Giving back is something we should all strive to do more of. As we continue to grow giving back becomes one of our highest priorities. To emphasize this, instead of giving you $150 in cash, we are willing to MATCH a $150 donation by donating $300 to a non-profit organization of your choice and on your behalf.

How it works

  1. Tell your friends, family, or neighbors to contact Simple Roofing through any of our channels listed below.
    • Phone, Text, Facebook, Contact Form, Estimation Tool, or Email
  2. Upon the first contact, Simple Roofing will ask if they were referred to us by someone.
    • Contact forms and estimator tool has this built-in
    • All direct channels will require the customer to inform us they were referred
  3. Referral information will be saved and noted in their contract. If contracted services exceed $3,500, Simple Roofing will contact the named referral upon remittance of the final payment from the referred customer.
  4. The person(s) who referred us will have (30) days to respond to Simple Roofing and decide if they would like $150 in cash (to be mailed) or have a $300 donation made on their behalf to a designated and approved non-profit organization.
    • If the person(s) who referred us fails to respond within (30) days Simple Roofing has the discretion to void the offer

So far we have given back…

Money Given Back

Refer Simple Roofing to your friends, family, and neighbors! Help us give back.